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503area has new update 15 hours ago Porch Sitters
by Anonymous How do you guys get away with it? Theres at least one of the three of you on the porch every time I go to work at 5 am, and come home from work at 5 pm or 8 pm. If I take out the garbage, if I'm doing yard work, if I'm checking the mail, or if I'm chatting with the neighbor, there's at least one of you. I know for sure one of you smokes. More on that later. But all three of you, all you do is stare at your phone. EVERY SINGLE TIME. None of you work. None of you go to school. None of you take the garbage out. I see none of you doing any yard work. Seriously how the hell is this happening? I'm not jealous. Its a little aggravating to know thats your daily life. But what business of it is mine, I guess? I guess its because I have to see you from across the street. That plainly itself bugs me knowing two other people in your household are wholeheartedly supporting your entire existence with zero contribution from you all. Back to the smoker, I mean when you're coughing and hacking at 5 am, does that tell you something? Anything? I guess again, what business of it is mine? I guess that's right. WTF do I care for? I guess I just see way too much complacency from about 90% of people i encounter every day that do more shit than anything inspiring and positive. That just bums me out. [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]
503area has new update 18 hours ago Fair Shares
In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She agreed to an open relationship... so why does she keep slut-shaming him? by Dan Savage There is more to this week’s Savage Love. To read the entire column, go to Savage.Love. 42-year-old dad here. I’ve been married for 12 years, and my marriage has been somewhat turbulent. But after some affairs—one where my wife screwed my best friend—and therapy, we reconnected, righted ourselves, and started a wonderful family. We both identify as bisexual now, and we are ethically non-monogamous. My question is this: my wife never seeks out other lovers, but I often do. She thinks looking for sex on apps is gross and won't try it. She did recently suggest we become poly—that we date other couples together—only to shut that down after one date with another couple. She also kind of slut-shames me when I ask permission to hook up or date someone else. She wants to be open in theory, but she seems to be against it in practice. We communicate well and she continues to give me permission (but always after shaming me), and I check in regularly only to have her act annoyed when I inform her of each new adventure. I am not sure what to do. Often Practicing Ethical Non-monogamy Has it occurred to you that maybe… just maybe… your wife doesn’t wanna hear about each and every one of your adventures? Or any of them? I mean, it seems clear to me she doesn’t want to hear about them. It’s all right there in your letter: your wife doesn’t enjoy discussing your dates, your hookups, your adventures, etc., and yet you persist in asking her and telling her. You mention “some affairs” earlier in your marriage, OPEN, back before you came out to each other as bisexual and opened your relationship. But you only share the details of one: your wife fucked your best friend. That had to hurt. I’m glad you two got into therapy, managed to work through the fallout, got to a better place, and decided to start a family together. But I feel like I don’t have all the relevant information here—like whose idea opening up was (yours?) and your wife’s state of mind when she agreed (guilt-racked?)—which means I have no choice but to speculate… You’ve been married 12 years, you started a family sometime after that turbulent period, which means your kid or kids are still young and may be very young. Your wife could be interested in other sex partners but lacks the energy for them right now, seeing as she’s doing… judging from your letter… way more than her fair share of the parenting. I mean, if you’re constantly running off on dates and hookups and having adventures and leaving her home alone with the kid(s), it’s possible that your wife is annoyed with you and you’re reading her annoyance as slut-shaming. And if you proposed opening up the relationship and she agreed to it—after she fucked your best friend—maybe she doesn’t feel free to say no when you ask for permission to fuck someone else, which could also leave your wife annoyed. Annoyance that, again, you could be reading as slut-shaming. At any rate, OPEN, if I were married to someone who agreed to open the relationship but who seemed annoyed or upset or slut-shamed me whenever I asked for their okay to go fuck someone else, I would have a few questions for my spouse: Do they want an open relationship at all? Did they ever? Do they still? And if they did and still do, would they prefer a DADT (“don’t ask, don’t tell”) arrangement over a TMFE (“tell me fucking everything”) arrangement? I think a few check-in/check-up sessions with your couples’ counselor are in order here. Maybe your wife’s feelings have changed, after having a kid (or kids). Or maybe your wife—cheater though she was—would prefer a monogamous relationship after all. Or, hey, maybe your wife is happy for you to fuck other people but would like to see—at least while your kids are young—you dial back your adventuring and dial up your dadding. But I can only speculate. Your wife knows. Ask her. My wife likes to suck cock. But not my cock. She finds the act degrading “in a sexy way,” and the “vibe” is all wrong with me, she says, because we love each other too much. We have a wonderful, loving, and creative sex life otherwise. (And, yes, I eat her pussy.) She has my okay to suck off other men, which happens once or twice a year, and I have her okay to get sucked off by other women, which never happens. Finding men who want no-strings-attached blowjobs from a hot married woman is obviously easier than finding women who want to give no-strings-attached blowjobs to married men. We live in a very gay part of the Los Angeles area. I’m 100% straight and not the least bit bisexual. But more than once I’ve been offered a blowjob by gay men at my gym (the locker room is a scene), and I’ve honestly been tempted to close my eyes and think about it being a woman. My wife isn’t comfortable with the idea because she thinks gay men are likelier to have STIs and she doesn’t want me bringing anything home. I think she’s being a bigot. Seeking Understandable Compromise Knowing Erections Rarely Sucked I hope the guys lining up to suck your cock at the gym will forgive me for this... Go to Savage.Love to read the rest. Listen to Dan on the Savage Lovecast. Follow Dan on Twitter @FakeDanSavage.
503area has new update 20 hours ago Portland Cafes Where You Can Camp Out and Work
Wallflower Coffee Company. | Marshall Steeves Looking for a change of scenery and a good cup of coffee? Head to these comfortable cafes for remote work. Portland, of course, is a city known for its coffee and cafes, particularly those that are serious about their house-roasted beans or approach to espresso. However, cozy coffee shops aren’t just for a morning caffeine hit or to savor a fancy pour over. Even before the pandemic, Portlanders would set up camp at Portland coffee counters and bars, laptop open, popping up for the periodic latte refuel or pastry break. With remote work here to stay — not just a pandemic holdover — coffee shops have become a refuge for office-less Portlanders needing to get out of their homes. For those looking for a change of scenery and a good cup of coffee, Portland is home to countless cafes well-suited to working away from home. They offer ample seating, free Wi-Fi, outlets to charge your devices, and some much needed social interaction. For more coffee options, check out our maps of cafes that roast their own coffee and multi-roaster cafes. Note: Health experts consider dining out to be a high-risk activity for the unvaccinated; it may pose a risk for the vaccinated, especially in areas with substantial COVID transmission.
503area has new update 20 hours ago Win Tickets ($80): Everclear, Sponge @ Crystal Ballroom | Iconic ’90s Alt-rock
October 16 @ Crystal Ballroom - Formed in 1991 in Portland, Everclear has enjoyed a lengthy career spanning 11 studio releases, numerous videos, thousands of shows and accolades that include a 1998 Grammy nomination. The post Win Tickets ($80): Everclear, Sponge @ Crystal Ballroom | Iconic ’90s Alt-rock first appeared on PDX Pipeline. The post Win Tickets ($80): Everclear, Sponge @ Crystal Ballroom | Iconic ’90s Alt-rock appeared first on PDX Pipeline.
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1 day ago
The Fall Board is coming soon!!!
Graze Craze Glendoveer
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2 days ago
River View Cemetery Funeral Home
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Holman Hankins Bowker & Waud
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Make the winning call…to Graze Craze! Order the Game Day Board & other watch party charcuterie faves like The Gone Grazey & The Sweet & Grazey!
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Wednesday Specials in Portland & Salem

Vintage Cocktail Lounge
7907 Southeast Stark Street, Portland OR, 97215
happy hour.
$6 Drinks - Select Cocktails
$5 Beer - All Drafts
$5 Wine - All Wines
208 SW Ankeny St, Portland OR, 97204
Happy Hour M-F 4pm-6pm
$4 Tap Beers
$5 Well Drinks & Wines
Bullard Tavern
813 Southwest Alder Street, Portland OR, 97214
Happy Hour Wednesday-Sunday from 3-6pm
Drinks $3-$9
Select Apps $5-$12
Oysters 2.50/each
Victoria Bar
4835 N Albina Ave., Portland OR, 97217
Happy Hour M-F
$1 Off beers, well drinks, and glasses of wine
$9 Palomas and Moscow mules
$4-$7 Select Appetizers

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