For some people, oysters are not something they will dive on and eat. However, for others,  these slurping creatures are the best culinary creations, especially when well-made.

If you are looking for delicious oysters in Portland, several restaurants go above and beyond to offer you the most satisfying dining experience. Here's our recommendation for fantastic oyster spots in Portland.

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Southpark Seafood
Bar & Restaurant $$
901 Southwest Salmon Street, Portland OR, 97215
Southpark Seafood offers sustainable seafood delicacies and other comfort food that you will most definitely find appealing. This restaurant has been a favorite for people in Portland serving them for 22 years.
Their comprehensive menu offers some of the best-tasting oysters in this location. It's the perfect space for brunch, dinner, or just a hangout with ample indoor and outdoor sitting areas.
Restaurant $$
208 SW Ankeny St, Portland OR, 97204
As you pay a visit to Portland, make sure to visit Dan & Louis Oyster bar for delicious oysters. It's close to the Skidmore Fountain, so it's pretty easy to locate.
Their oysters are nicely cooked, and you can order them with a side of smoked salmon or mussels. This bar has numerous drinks such as michelada, cider, and draft beer.
The staff offers the best hospitality and ensures you are well-served. You will also enjoy homey with lovely décor and ambiance at Dan & Louis.
Restaurant $$
5200 Northeast Sacramento Street, Portland OR, 97214
Cabezon is a cute little restaurant on Northeast Sacramento Street offering fantastic seafood dishes. This spot focuses on making fresh and sustainably sourced foods.
Their oysters, in particular, go for $3 per piece, and you can get them with your favorite champagne mignonette. They are always delicious, and you can choose your ideal type from the various local breeds presented.
Restaurant $$$
401 SW 12th Ave, Portland OR, 97205
Jakes Famous Crawfish has been a haven for locals and tourists in Portland since 1892. The food comes from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico hence their varied menu with delicious options.
The oysters at Jakes Famous Crawfish are available during lunch and dinner at half a dozen. Usually, the restaurant offers four varieties: the pacific, Kumamoto, fanny bat, and Buckley bay oysters.
2337 E Burnside St, Portland OR, 97214
Screendoor also has amazing oysters with a wide range to select from. You can either order for delivery, take out, or spend some time in this elegant spot as you enjoy your oysters.
You can get this sleek dish with a side of your liking during lunch and dinner. While it sometimes gets busy, the staff here ensure you get the most fantastic experience.